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Predictive Inspection and Imaging, LLC (PI&I).
So you have found your "perfect" home, made an offer and it's been accepted.  
So why are you so anxious?
Are you concerned that you will encounter "surprises" after you move in?
Plumbing Leaks
Electrical Problems
Heating and Air Conditioning
The Roof
The Structure
The Foundation
The Sewer System
That's where PI&I can help.
Our attention to detail and thorough reporting will enable you to proceed with your purchase, confident that you have an accurate assessment of the condition of the house and its systems.
Of course, a home inspection may actually become a "deal buster". It happens. But in the majority of cases any deficiencies revealed by the home inspection are settled through discussions and negotiation and the purchase goes to closing.  

Let us help you become a better informed buyer or home owner.

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